Slovakia as a Study Destination

Slovakia, officially called as the Slovak Republic is an attractive and scenic country located in the heart of Europe. The country is has beautiful natural landscapes, medieval castles, mountains, and folk architecture. The Slovak Republic is a vibrant and modern country that welcomes students from all over the world. Students looking for unique study abroad experience, there is no better place than Slovakia. Studying abroad in the Slovak Republic provides a great opportunity to grow academically, personally, and professionally.
Following are the reasons to study abroad in Slovakia:

High Educational and Research Standards

The education standard in the Slovakia is quite high. In Slovakia, there are many higher education institutions offering a wide range of study programmes at all degree levels. Students from different countries can come to Slovakia for short-term courses, research, or for long-term courses. The country has some of the best higher education institutions. In 1465, the first university- “Universitas Istropolitana” was set up. The leading and the biggest university in the Slovak Republic is the Comenius University. Also, majority of the higher education institutions provide research opportunities.  

Low Study and Living Cost

Life in Slovakia is affordable. The study and living cost is low as compared to western European countries. If the study programme is in Slovak language, no tuition fee is charged; however if in any other foreign language, tuition fee is charged. 

Effective Way to Learn a New Language

While studying and living in Slovakia, one can learn their local language. By continuously listening and practicing the speaking language, one can learn the Slovak language easily. Studying in Slovakia is the effective way by which one can learn the language. 

Increase Your Employment Prospects

By studying abroad in Slovakia, you gain an experience that set you apart from others in a pool of candidates. It makes you independent, self-motivated, and you have great language skills and education, and this is the quality the employers look for. Thus, pupils after completing their studies in Slovakia have many options.

Network for Your Future

While studying abroad in Slovakia, you not only make friends, but also build professional contacts by working part-time, volunteering or internship. 

Experience a New Culture

While studying abroad in Slovakia, you get to experience a new culture. Folk tradition is deeply rooted in the Slovak Republic. Students gain international inter-cultural skills that hold a great importance for the future. 

Several Scholarship Programmes

The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of Slovakia provide many scholarships to international students, such as Slovak Government Scholarships, Slovak Ministry of Education Scholarships, National Scholarship Programme & many more.

Studying abroad in Slovakia is an experience unlike any other!
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