Maturita Exam in Slovakia

Students at the end of secondary education- gymnasium or grammar school, or vocational school are required to take school leaving examination- “Maturita”.

In Slovakia, the maturita examination is formally known as “Maturitna skuska” School leaving exam comprises of 2 parts: External and Internal. The external part and the written section of the internal part are prepared by the National Institute for Certified Educational Measurements (NUCEM)

External: This part is mandatory for students only in Slovak or Hungarian language, foreign language and mathematics. 

Internal: For national and foreign language, the internal part is split up into written and oral sections. All the students have to take the internal part of the exam. The written section of the internal part is an essay in foreign or mother/native language. The essay topics are announced by NUCEM (National Institute for Certified Educational Measurements). The schools along with the regional school authorities provide oral section of the internal part of Maturita exam.

Both the internal and external written sections of the school leaving exam evaluates the skills and knowledge of secondary school graduates. 

The preparation and implementation of external part and written section (essay) of internal part are managed by 2 NUCEM departments:
  • The Department of Planning and Implementation of Measurements in Higher Secondary Education
  • The Department of Evaluation Tools Development for Higher Secondary Education

Levels of Maturita

Students get to select a level of matura for the foreign language. 
  • Level B1: medium
  • Level B2: hard
  • Level C1

Maturita Exam Subjects

The maturita exam comprises of compulsory subjects and optional subjects. 

Compulsory subjects are:
  • Slovak language and literature
  • Foreign language
  • English
Additional subjects are: Students are required to select at least 2 additional subjects. These are: 
  • Arts and cultures
  • Mathematics
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Physics
  • Philosophy
  • Chemistry
  • History
  • Informatics and IT
  • Biology
Certificate: Students who pass the exam are given a Maturita Certificate.

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