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Modernisation Programme Slovakia 21

The Modernisation Programme Slovakia 21 is a programme of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of Slovakia for secondary school graduates.

According to the programme, a 10-month language course at the Institute of language and academic preparation for foreigners and compatriots of the Comenius University in Bratislava is free of charge. Students who successfully complete their language course can go for higher education studies at the Slovakia public higher institution. 

Eligible Countries: Montenegro, Serbia, Belarus, Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, and Moldova. 

Applying ways and means: Candidates must fill in an application and submit it along with the required documents: 
  • Educational level document: It must be legalized by the Ministry of Education or Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the home country and the Slovak Embassy.
  • Higher education institution study results
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Birth certificate
  • Medical certificate
Application deadline: 31 May 

To know more about the Modernisation Programme Slovakia 21, visit the website of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports, or click here.

Funding for Bilateral Programmes 

Bilateral Intergovernmental Agreements on Research, Education and Cultural Cooperation 

The Government of Slovakia has concluded bilateral agreements on research, educational, and cultural cooperation with many countries in order to promote exchange programmes providing scholarships for pupils and researchers who want to study or carry out research at universities in Slovakia and research institutes of the Slovak Academy of Sciences. 

Course/level: Study and research stays; and language courses

Eligible countries: Nationals of following countries are eligible for bilateral programmes:
India, Slovenia,  Luxembourg, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Israel, France, Belarus, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, the USA, Republic of Macedonia, Germany, Kazakhstan, China, Croatia, Mexico, Spain, Cyprus, Finland, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Denmark, Russian Federation, Egypt, Norway, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Serbia, Moldova, Turkey, and Portugal.

Following are the bilateral programmes: 

Programme Action Austria

Slovakia cooperation in science and education is a bilateral programme between Slovakia and Austria. The Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic and the Federal Ministry for Science and Research of Austria funds the programme on the basis of an agreement signed in 1992. The programme is managed and regulated by Slovak Academic Information Agency (SAIA). Scholarships are given to master’s and PhD students; researchers for short-visits and for summer course in Slovak language and culture.

To know more about the programme, visit the official website of SAIA , n.o., or click here.  

Fulbright Program – J. W Fulbright Commission for Educational Exchange in the Slovak Republic 

The Fulbright Commission is a bilateral organisation for educational exchange in the Slovakia formed by executive agreements between the Slovak Republic and the United States. The programme supports educational, research and cultural exchanges between the Slovak Republic and the United States.

The Fulbright Commission manages the awards for research and study, and also gives information and advice on study prospects for nationals of both countries. 

Fulbright Lecture and Research Scholarships: This scholarship allows the candidates to carry out research in different academic and professional areas, or lecture at a Slovak higher education institution. To know more about the scholarship, click here.

Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship (ETA): This programme is for candidates having degree in American literature, English, Applied linguistics or History. The ETA candidates will be placed in secondary schools; wherein they have to teach for a minimum of 15 hours per week.  To know more about the programme, click here.

Fulbright Specialists Programme: This programme is for US professionals and faculty to join up their professional fellows in the Slovak Republic on developing the curriculum and faculty and other related activities.  To know more about the Fulbright specialist programme, click here

Other Fulbright Scholarships
To know more the Fulbright scholarships, click here

Regional Programmes

CEEPUS – Central European Exchange Program for University Studies 

The Slovak Republic is a part of the CEEPUS programmes along with the following countries: Poland, Albania, Republic of Macedonia, Austria, Hungary, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Croatia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Montenegro, and Romania.

This programme supports the following:
  • Semester stays of 3 to 10 months for pupils and PhD students
  • Short term stays of 1 to 2 months for pupils and PhD pupils preparing their final thesis
  • Stays for guest-university lecturers for 1 month
Scholarship provider: Scholarships are paid by the National CEEPUS Office in the Slovak Republic. 

Scholarship amount:
  • For University students: 280€ per month, 
  • For PhD pupils and university teachers:  470€ per month
Application dates and deadline
  • For candidates within a CEEPUS network, the deadline for summer semester is October 31; and for winter semester, it is June 15.
  • For other candidates, the deadline is November 30.
To know more about the programme, click here.

International Visegrad Fund 

The International Visegrad Fund encourages the cooperation between the V4 group countries: Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland.
Funding for: Educational, research, cultural and scientific projects; youth exchanges and tourism promotion

The Fund operates under the Visegrad Scholarship Programmes: 

Intra Visegrad Scholarships: for students who are from the Visegrad Group (V4) countries and wish to study in any Visegrad Group country other than the country of which they are the citizens.

In Coming Scholarships:  for students who want to study at accredited private or public universities or the national academies of sciences institutes in the V4 countries

Out Going Scholarships: for students holding Master’s degree from Visegrad Group countries to study at accredited private or public universities or the national academies of sciences institutes 

Visegrad Taiwan Scholarship: for nationals of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland or Hungary can apply to study or carry out research at some of the higher education institutions accredited by the Government of the Republic of China. 

There are grants for short-term projects of 6 months, mid term projects of 12 months, and long term projects of 36 months. Also, there are university grants   of 10,000 –euro- per course and 40,000€ per degree programme; 

To know more about the Visegrad Fund, click here.  

Contact details: 
International Visegrad Fund 
Kraľovske udolie 8, 811 02 Bratislava 
Slovak Republic 

Multilateral Programmes- EU Programmes

Programmes Financed by the European Commission

There are many educational programmes that are financed by the European Commission for the co operation among the EU countries and EETA countries; or for co operation between the EU countries and the third countries. 

Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) 

The LLP is an educational programme. Slovakia became the part of this programme in 2007. The programme supports and strengthens learning opportunities from childhood to old age. The LLP is divided into 4 sectoral/ sub programmes:
  • Comenius programme: for school education- kindergarten, primary and secondary schools. Students and teachers can be a part of this programme.
  •  Erasmus programme: is for formal higher education and preparation at higher level. The programme supports student and professor mobility between higher education institutions.
  • Leonardo da Vinci programme: for professional and vocational education.  This programme is for employees, workers and apprentices.
  • Grundtvig programme: Deals with adult education, and is for teachers, adults and related institutions that are involved in the adult education field.
  • Transversal programme: for lifelong learning programmes, supports language learning, distribution of information, development of innovative information nd communication technologies, etc.
  • Jean Monnet programme
To know more about LLP, click here.

Erasmus Mundus 

The Erasmus Mundus programme supports mobility and cooperation in the field of higher education between EU countries and the third countries.

To get detailed information on the Erasmus Mundus programme, click here.

Tempus Programme

This programme is an educational programme of the EU(European Union) that supports economic and social developments/changes in partner countries. It emphasize on building up the higher education system for all EU countries and partner countries, split up into three groups:
  • West Balkan (CARD): Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Monte Negro, Croatia, Albania, Macedonia.
  • East European Countries and countries of central Asia: Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Turkmen, Gruzia, Aserbajdzan, Belarus, Tadzikistan, Moldavia, Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan Kyrgyzia.
  • Mediterranean Countries (MEDA): Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Palestinia, Israel, Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, Jordan.
To know more about the Tempus programme, click here.
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