Steps of Choosing the Right Course to Study in Slovakia

Choosing the right study programme is a crucial decision to make. To help you make the best decision, we have put together the steps to “Choosing the Right Course to Study in Slovakia”. Following these steps can help ensure you that you have the best study abroad experience.

Step 1: Identify your Goals and Interest

Know your aim and goals. Get answer to questions like what you want to do? Why you want to study abroad in Slovakia? What do you hope to gain from study abroad in Slovakia? There are a wide range of programmes offered in Slovakia. Figure out which programme most interests you. After you get the answers to these questions, move onto the next stage of selecting the right programme

Step 2: Search and Research

After you know the programme you want to pursue, get answers to the following questions:
  • Whether you want to take up the course in English or the Slovak language?
  • Do you prefer to live in university accommodation or independently?
  • What skills you are hoping to gain from the chosen field of study?
Also, take out the financial feasibility of study abroad in Slovakia. 

Search and research about the study programme and the higher education institutions offering it. Visit the institutions website to know more about the programme. Narrow down your choices and visit the campus of the institutions shortlisted. Talk to the faculty and students of the institution, and know more about the institution.

Step 3: Apply

After going through the institution and the programme, apply to the institution of your choice. Check the admission requirements before applying.

The basic admission requirement for entering a first cycle studies, i.e. bachelor’s study programme, or a combined second level degree course is that students must pass “Maturita” examination and hold a secondary school leaving certificate. To enter into the master’s degree programme, students must hold a bachelor’s degree, and for doctoral programme, students must have completed Master’s studies.

To know in detail about the admission requirements and procedure, click here.

If you are accepted, a letter of acceptance will be issued from the institution.

Step 4: Accommodation Arrangement

After you receive the letter of acceptance, arrange for accommodation. In Slovakia, higher education institutions provide accommodation in student dormitories. Apply for it on time as the places are limited. Also, private accommodation is available in Slovakia. To know more about the accommodation options available for students in Slovakia, click here

Step 5: Apply for Scholarship

If you need financial aid, apply for scholarship. The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of Slovakia offer many scholarships to international students, such as Slovak Government Scholarships, Slovak Ministry of Education Scholarships, and more.

To know about the scholarships offered in Slovakia, read the post “Scholarships to Study in Slovakia”.

Step 6: Apply for Study Visa for Slovakia

International students who wish to study in Slovakia may or may not require a student visa, depending upon their nationality.  Apply for visa at your nearest Slovak embassy or consulate. To know about the Slovak study visa application process & documentation, click here.
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