Educational Accreditation Bodies with Contact Details Slovakia

Accreditation is a process of assessing the quality of education and other activities of the educational institutions. In Slovakia, the educational accreditation authority is the Accreditation Commission.

Accreditation Commission (Akreditačna komisia)

The Accreditation Commission was founded by the Slovak Government. The commission acts as an advisory body of the Slovak Government, and is responsible for accreditation of higher education institutions in Slovakia. The commission oversees and assesses the quality of education, artistic, creative and research activities of the universities. 

Contact details:
Stromova 1
813 30 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Other National Bodies

Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic (Ministerstvo skolstva, SR)

The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic is responsible for managing and administering the primary, secondary and higher education in Slovakia. The Ministry of Education provides financial resources and educational facilities, controls expenditure, and  is responsible for accreditation of study programmes.

Contact details:
Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport 
of the Slovak Republic
Tree 1, 813 30 Bratislava 
Tel. 421 2/59374111 

Slovak Rectors' Conference (Slovenska rektorska konferencia, or SRC)

The Slovak Rectors' Conference is among the bodies representing the universities in Slovakia. Slovak rectors’ conference manages and support activities related to higher education, and encourage cooperation between rectors of Slovakia universities. 

Contact details:
Slovak Rectors' Conference 
Konventna 1 
811 02 Bratislava

Slovak Academic Information Agency (Slovenska akademicka informačna agentura, or SAIA)

The Slovak Academic Information Agency is a non-profit organization that encourages the internationalisation of education and science in Slovakia. Also, the agency provides information and advice on studying abroad; and organises the selection of the scholarship receivers.  

Contact details:
Slovak Academic Information Agency
Sasinkova 10 
812 20 Bratislava 1
Tel.: 02/5930 4700; 02/5930 4711 
Fax: 02/5930 4701

Slovak Academic Association for International Cooperation (SAAIC)

The Slovak Academic Association for International Cooperation manages and promotes international cooperation programs in Slovak higher education institutions. The SAAIC provides advice on international educational and other programs, provides information on education abroad and international cooperation programs, conducts and manages national and international conferences and seminars, and promotes education overseas.

Contact details:
Slovak Academic Association for International Cooperation
Krizkova 9 
811 04 Bratislava 
Tel: 421 01 2209222 
Fax: 421 09 2209222 
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